Same Day Appliance Repair Services We Offer


At Appliance Repair Brooklyn, we recognize your dependence on household appliances for a smooth-running daily routine. Our team of highly skilled technicians is committed to delivering exemplary repair services for all your major appliances. Boasting years of experience and a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction, we take pride in providing a full spectrum of services tailored to resolve any appliance issues you might face.

Whether it’s refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, or dishwashers, our professionals are well-equipped to diagnose and rectify problems swiftly and effectively. We also handle repairs and maintenance for smaller appliances, such as microwaves and garbage disposals, and offer preventative maintenance to enhance the longevity of your appliances. With emergency repair solutions and adaptable scheduling, Brooklyn Appliance Repair ensures reliability and availability when you need it the most. Discover our comprehensive list of services and see how we can help maintain your appliances in peak condition.

Our Services Include:

Refrigerator Repair

  • Compressor issues
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Leak and drainage solutions
  • Ice maker and dispenser fixes

Oven and Stove Repair

  • Burner and heating element replacement
  • Temperature calibration
  • Ignition system fixes
  • Control board replacement

Dishwasher Repair

  • Resolving drainage problems
  • Cleaning and filtration system repairs
  • Pump and motor replacement
  • Door latch and seal adjustments

Washing Machine Repair

  • Agitator and drum repairs
  • Water inlet valve replacement
  • Pump and motor servicing
  • Belt and hose replacements

Dryer Repair

  • Heating element swaps
  • Thermostat and timer fixes
  • Belt and roller replacements
  • Vent maintenance and repair

Microwave Oven Repair

  • Magnetron and diode replacement
  • Keypad and display fixes
  • Turntable motor replacement

Garbage Disposal Repair

  • Clearing jams and removing obstructions
  • Motor and flywheel replacement
  • Wiring and switch repairs

Freezer Repair

  • Compressor and condenser fixes
  • Thermostat and defrost timer replacement
  • Seal and gasket maintenance

Range Hood Repair

  • Fan motor replacement
  • Filter maintenance and replacement
  • Light fixture repairs

Additional Services:

  • Comprehensive cleaning and inspection
  • Performance optimizationPreventative maintenance checks
  • Appliance installation and old appliance removal
  • Emergency repair services available 24/7

Same-day service when possible

Explore our services and let Brooklyn Appliance Repair ensure your appliances work efficiently and reliably.

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